Osman Hankir

Web & Front End Developer

Street Art on Brick Lane, Artist Unknown

Recent Work

Medieval Swansea

Employer: King's College London, 2014
Contribution: UI Design, Django

This website was built to showcase an academic's research into events surrounding an outlaw's apparent resurrection in medieval Swansea. The main challenge was presenting a translated and annotated manuscript from the Vatican's archives. The source material was annotated according to the TEI XML standard, and tranformed to HTML for display on the web. Front end was built using Foundation.

Cymru 1914

Employer: National Library of Wales, 2013
Contribution: UI Design, Front End, CodeIgniter

To commemorate the centenary of World War 1, the National Library of Wales instigated a large scale project to digitise their WW1 archive - this website indexed and presented the project outputs. The site's back end was built with CodeIgniter, using Solr for storage and search, Foundation on the front end.

Parliamentary Records Online

Employer: National Library of Wales, 2012
Contribution: UI Design, Front End, CodeIgniter

This website indexes parliamentary proceedings from 1921 to 1933, and was built to showcase the newly developed PML (Parliamentary Metadata Language) schema. Back end was built using CodeIgniter and Solr, front end uses Bootstrap.


Hi! My name's Osman and I'm a web developer based in London. My favorite colour is currently purple.

On the front end I mostly work with HTML (obviously), SCSS, Grunt and JS. If the situation calls for a front end framework then Foundation is my go-to choice. When I'm coerced in to back end work I enjoy working with PHP (Laravel please) and Python/Django.

I can and will do back end development, but front end is where my interest and skills peak.

I could go on, but two way conversations are way better. You can find me on LinkedIn.